Shabby Visitors


Yesterday was such a rewarding day..Volunteered with friends from work at a local children's hospital planting flowers in the court yard..

Enjoyed every moment even being attacked by the bugs.. It really makes you think what "we" take for granted.. The kids both live and some are just there for out patient therapy. However even though the kids have handicaps these children are so happy. The staff is wonderful and they simply love these children. I got the opportunity to spend time with little "JOEY" he was such a cutie. Even though he was unable sit up by himself after putting him in his special seat I pulled him in a wagon around the hospital property and he was so HAPPY.. Smiling and laughing well not out loud not like normal kids do but being with him only a few hours you would be surprised how you learn there way of communication. I was a bit sad when I left leaving, however my heart was full.. Just looking forward to my next visit...

So I suggest if you can give a helping hand.. Whether it be a hospital,school,a library,a nursing home or someone that is in need of a little help it really does the "heart" good. It brings you down to reality to realize all those problems you think you have really are not so bad after all.. It is quite a lesson to learn that others in this world just are happy with the life they have and make the best of it. Thank goodness for the people out there that care....

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  1. Really puts it all in perspective, doesn't it? When you see the world as it is rather than just your little slice.....I remind myself on a daily basis just how very fortunate I am, even with the problems I have. Thank you for stopping by and becoming a follower......have a beautiful weekend.