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Its so hard to believe its my 1st nieces 16th birthday fastly approaching. She will be turning sixteen in just a few more days. Whew.. boy that really makes me feel OLD... So I'm dedicating this post to my lovely niece and god-daughter Cass..
Cass has always been the center of all our attention and if she wasn't she made sure she was. She was always such a delightful child I loved spending quality time with her. Calling her mom and saying you want a break? Secretly hoping she was ready for one.. Cass has always been so full of excitement always eager to do something new and exciting. This lil one never wanted to sleep afraid she was going to miss something but that was okay even though she was so tired she was always smiling and was such a joy..

I remember all the times we spent going to the park her tiny lil hand in mine as we walked up to the swings. Her saying "Ammy" can you push me in her sweet raspy voice. I expressed to her sure honey as I lifted her into the swing pushing her and her laughing and saying higher pleassse.

She has always been our lil dare devil never afraid of anything. Boy looking back I do miss those days. Having no children of my own Cass and her sister and brother have givin me such joy over the years always being my lil sweet "cups" full of sugar.. Cass has always been so kind always thinkin of others. Thank you my sweet lil dear for being my niece and of course what an honor it has been to be your godmother. As a young lady "boy that is so hard to say I get chocked up just thinkin of it" she is such a remarkable girl she is quite the social lite always busy running here and there driving her mom crazy however she always takes time out to be with her family. We spend Sat evening all together my hubby,sis-law-brother-law and all the kids watching movies and eating pizza usually just talking and having a blast as one happy family.

So HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN Cass your Aunt T loves you and always will..


  1. thank you so much for posting my giveaway on y our blog!
    your super sweet!!
    wishing you ALL the best!!

  2. Awww...what a sweet post. Those breaks when she was little were very nice, I am sure. Sweet post. Thanks for sharing!