Shabby Visitors


Time to get out there and do something about that "ugly" eye sore you call a yard...

The hubby and I spend so much time working and running around that we really have neglect our yard.. Its really and I mean really looking quite shabby..
For one thing on Easter the hubby had to dig and fix the septic tank the toliets wouldn't flush literally 2 hours before eveyone was comin... So there is a huge dirt pile in the middle of the yard(yuck!!!) So when it rains mudd getS dragged in the house and speaking of that I have very light carpet throughout the house. sO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS...

My rose bushes are outta control my dad cut them back in the winter but the last few weeks they have been growing "like a weed" and have doubled in size.. CAN'T WAIT till they bloom saw a few little buds on one this morning..So well I guess gotta get those hands dirty and start pullin all those weeds out of the flower beds replace the old mulch. Get some pretty annuals to put in my empty pots. Scrub down the patio furniture power wash the deck.. Oh my the list just keeps getting bigger..
In my front flowerbed there is this wicker chair I saw while drivin in town that someone had forgotten its beauty and had put it on the curb.. I thought to myself oh what a shame for that chair to be thrown away so I rescued it and re-purposed it in my flowerbed I love it.. its old peeling paint but I don't care I still see the vision of its beauty. By the way this rose bush was 1/2 this size about 2 months ago..
My hubby surprised me with the old cans he brought them home after helping a friend clean out an old garage.. I was gonna paint them but decided to leave them they are nice just the way they are. Do you agree??? This rose bush is a bit outta control too.. Tese flower beds have seen better days I have to get new mulch to fill theses babies. Also why is it where you want to grow grass it seems it never grows but always where you don't want it to it always does..
Well I'm off to but my garden thumb on so I can rescue my horrible yard and bring her back to her beautiful self.. Well at least tomorrow I will its getting a bit dark right now..


Its so hard to believe its my 1st nieces 16th birthday fastly approaching. She will be turning sixteen in just a few more days. Whew.. boy that really makes me feel OLD... So I'm dedicating this post to my lovely niece and god-daughter Cass..
Cass has always been the center of all our attention and if she wasn't she made sure she was. She was always such a delightful child I loved spending quality time with her. Calling her mom and saying you want a break? Secretly hoping she was ready for one.. Cass has always been so full of excitement always eager to do something new and exciting. This lil one never wanted to sleep afraid she was going to miss something but that was okay even though she was so tired she was always smiling and was such a joy..

I remember all the times we spent going to the park her tiny lil hand in mine as we walked up to the swings. Her saying "Ammy" can you push me in her sweet raspy voice. I expressed to her sure honey as I lifted her into the swing pushing her and her laughing and saying higher pleassse.

She has always been our lil dare devil never afraid of anything. Boy looking back I do miss those days. Having no children of my own Cass and her sister and brother have givin me such joy over the years always being my lil sweet "cups" full of sugar.. Cass has always been so kind always thinkin of others. Thank you my sweet lil dear for being my niece and of course what an honor it has been to be your godmother. As a young lady "boy that is so hard to say I get chocked up just thinkin of it" she is such a remarkable girl she is quite the social lite always busy running here and there driving her mom crazy however she always takes time out to be with her family. We spend Sat evening all together my hubby,sis-law-brother-law and all the kids watching movies and eating pizza usually just talking and having a blast as one happy family.

So HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN Cass your Aunt T loves you and always will..


Yesterday was such a rewarding day..Volunteered with friends from work at a local children's hospital planting flowers in the court yard..

Enjoyed every moment even being attacked by the bugs.. It really makes you think what "we" take for granted.. The kids both live and some are just there for out patient therapy. However even though the kids have handicaps these children are so happy. The staff is wonderful and they simply love these children. I got the opportunity to spend time with little "JOEY" he was such a cutie. Even though he was unable sit up by himself after putting him in his special seat I pulled him in a wagon around the hospital property and he was so HAPPY.. Smiling and laughing well not out loud not like normal kids do but being with him only a few hours you would be surprised how you learn there way of communication. I was a bit sad when I left leaving, however my heart was full.. Just looking forward to my next visit...

So I suggest if you can give a helping hand.. Whether it be a hospital,school,a library,a nursing home or someone that is in need of a little help it really does the "heart" good. It brings you down to reality to realize all those problems you think you have really are not so bad after all.. It is quite a lesson to learn that others in this world just are happy with the life they have and make the best of it. Thank goodness for the people out there that care....


A Tisket A Tasket An Easter Egg Basket...

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter..

We had a great one even though I felt a bit under the weather.. It was so great to have everyone together in one place. The kids running all over sneaking their "sugar" filled goodies out of their baskets making their parents "CRAZY". All the ladies sitting around telling stories of past times.. I love holidays being all together is such a delight.. It seems it doesn't happen often enough though. It is quite sad when everyone is gone home and its just me and my hubby left behind.

I simply fell in Love with this picture of this little girl...
Isn't she so cute....


April Fools' Day practices include sending someone on a "fool's errand," looking for things that don't exist; playing pranks; and trying to get people to believe ridiculous things.
What little joke have you played on a friend or a love one today????
Hope everyone has a good time playing a "fool" today...