Shabby Visitors


Time to get out there and do something about that "ugly" eye sore you call a yard...

The hubby and I spend so much time working and running around that we really have neglect our yard.. Its really and I mean really looking quite shabby..
For one thing on Easter the hubby had to dig and fix the septic tank the toliets wouldn't flush literally 2 hours before eveyone was comin... So there is a huge dirt pile in the middle of the yard(yuck!!!) So when it rains mudd getS dragged in the house and speaking of that I have very light carpet throughout the house. sO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS...

My rose bushes are outta control my dad cut them back in the winter but the last few weeks they have been growing "like a weed" and have doubled in size.. CAN'T WAIT till they bloom saw a few little buds on one this morning..So well I guess gotta get those hands dirty and start pullin all those weeds out of the flower beds replace the old mulch. Get some pretty annuals to put in my empty pots. Scrub down the patio furniture power wash the deck.. Oh my the list just keeps getting bigger..
In my front flowerbed there is this wicker chair I saw while drivin in town that someone had forgotten its beauty and had put it on the curb.. I thought to myself oh what a shame for that chair to be thrown away so I rescued it and re-purposed it in my flowerbed I love it.. its old peeling paint but I don't care I still see the vision of its beauty. By the way this rose bush was 1/2 this size about 2 months ago..
My hubby surprised me with the old cans he brought them home after helping a friend clean out an old garage.. I was gonna paint them but decided to leave them they are nice just the way they are. Do you agree??? This rose bush is a bit outta control too.. Tese flower beds have seen better days I have to get new mulch to fill theses babies. Also why is it where you want to grow grass it seems it never grows but always where you don't want it to it always does..
Well I'm off to but my garden thumb on so I can rescue my horrible yard and bring her back to her beautiful self.. Well at least tomorrow I will its getting a bit dark right now..


  1. Olá... amo passar por aquí... é tudo lindo e romântico.
    Amei este relogio floral para colocar no meu Blog.
    Onde encontro o código dele...???
    Amiga, passa lá no meu Blog (Brasileiro).
    Sua presença muito me alegrará.
    Beijos no coração.

  2. my yard is getting there, some weeds still poking up in the garden, but my roses are blooming and my lawns are GREEN, thanks to all the rain.
    Your blog is adorable, thanks for sharing,,

  3. **So when it rains mudd getS dragged in the house and speaking of that I have very light carpet throughout the house. sO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS..**

    I think it means hubby better get the vacuum and the mop.

    This post is two months old. How's you garden growing?