Shabby Visitors


Geez.. I swear this stuff just still comes..
No matter how many loads I do I turn around and there is more..
The horrid laundry monster needs to stop!!!!
I don't know about you gals but this is one chore
I simply dread...
and the worst part after folding it is putting it away..
There never seems to ever enough room...
Enough with that well I'm starting to do some spring cleaning..
Taking down the curtains and washing them..
Boy its so refreshing they smell so nice..
Bringing old treasures to a new light..
Being frugal with not spending a dime but want a new look just finding new purposes and places for my old trinkets its quite fun... I simply fall in love with them all over again..
Next project will be I want to paint some furniture and accessories so that means well gotta have room to do that so here it comes Gotta clean out the garage..
All good thing must come to a end sorry my lil dust bunny friends you gotta get outta there..
After that I'm gonna tackle my craft room cause right now its just not too inspiring..
I wanna my real girly room..
Full of pink and flowers and most of all frills..
Well gotta go and get on my way to that list of to do's..
Tootles for now...


  1. I love to wash everything and make it fresh again. The idea of Spring Cleaning is really appealing to me right now. Spring can't come fast enough for me. I too like to pull things out and find new purposes and places for them. The laundry... uhhhhhggggg.... I am never finished with the laundry more than a few hours... literally. I get everything done, and by that evening.. I have piles again. Guess that's life.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. The thing about laundry is this, it has so many steps from start to finish. It seems once you start it is an absolute comittment. :) I don't mind laundry myself or dishes. IT's the vacuuming I don't like. Ew.... hugs to you. Tammy

  3. The only part of laundry day that I like is hanging the clothes out on the line to dry in the wind and the smell of them when I fold them and best of all climbing into a bed made with fresh line dried sheets! Ahhhhhhhhh......

    I have that picture hanging in my laundry room!
    We have great taste! :-)

    P.S. do come visit again!

  4. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....