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I can't Believe its Feburary...

Only a few days till Valentines Day..Hubby and I really don't go crazy over valentines day.. We usually go out to dinner & maybe the movies a couple days after..

On Valentines Day itself I will make my hubby fav meal and get one of his favorite flicks and some POPCORN and we will just sit back and relax and "lay like broccoli"..

Do you know what movie that lines from one of my all time favs PRETTY WOMAN.. Boy what a cinderalla movie for grownup girls that is.. Well maybe I can convince hubby to watch this one too. That gets me thinking there are more of my favs I would love to watch too.. Maybe I will make this weekend a "romance- a- thon" bring out all those girly movies that would be alot of fun...

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