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What to do when its cold outside...

Hey ladies I don't know about y'all but I seem to be in a funk..
Its cold outside the holidays are over and what to do to pass the long dreary days at home that is after work of course so I was thinking maybe I would start some spring cleaning to spruce up the house and my spirits too.. It is so uplifting to your soul the sweet smell of "CLEAN AND FRESH".. It also looks great too..
Do any of you ladies have a special thing you do when you spring clean your home or special products you like to use??? Well I do like to take down all the curtains and wash them they look fab after a "bath" in a spring smelling  laundry soap and when you iron them they look almost new...
Also I do try to re-purpose things too it may be bringing "something old" that I packed up for awhile back out or just moving something I love to a new place to fall in love with it all over again..
I soon will be starting new creations for my selling blog so that should keep me busy for a while..
So looking forward to spring.. How about you?
Well talk to y'all soon..
       Shabby T


  1. Oh I am so ready for spring...wished it was here now...nothing better then the fresh smell of clean linens...
    Have a Blessed day

  2. Hello~After I do my spring cleaning, I love to light some of my rose scented Yankee candles and kick my feet up and enjoy the fruits of my labor :)


  3. Yes I did that once. Spring cleaning i mean.

    I love spring because of all the daylight I really don't like this getting dark at 5pm seems my motor stops when it gets dark LOl really. I am a child of the light


  4. I'm soooooo tired for redo's and makeovers. Somebody slap me! ARGH!

    I am sooo ready for spring and here it is only January! :(BAH I'm trying to not rush God's Seasons, but...I seem to do it every year during Winter. Sorry God...I HATE IT! :(


  5. I am so ready for Spring, looking foward to seeing your new creations:)