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Cleaning what a horrible word....
Just kidding I do adore a tidy house however I would love it even more if someone else was doing it... So I guess its time to bring out that broom,vacuum cleaner,the mop, furniture polish,the glass cleaner, bath cleaner and all purpose cleaner and don't forget febreeze to freshen up the stuff you can't wash like the chair and the sofa.. Then on to steam cleaning the carpets I so can't wait to get hardwood floors.. I'm dreamin about them right now like I have for the past 8years I guess one of these days I will (I hope)...
So I guess I will go and do my chores...
Shabby T


  1. Oh I love a clean house also as long as i don't have to do it. Just kidding I clean but not as good as I should. Happy cleaning.

  2. Nice to meet you, sugar, and I'm glad you found me also. I hate housework but I LOOOOOVE a tidy house so it just comes with the territory I suppose that I have to clean. Squeeeeeeal!!!! I'd much rather be crafting or making my home beautiful for th' hubs. Drop by again, chick, and see what I may do next.