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Easter is a bit earlier this year.. April 4th "oh my" that is just around the corner..
In my neck of the woods We have the Easter holiday at our house..
My hubby's and my family all together which is so nice..
Its a bit crazy don't get me wrong all the preparation and shopping cleaning but its all worth it..
I love having the whole family together..
Hearing all the ladies sitting around the table telling funny stories..
All the guys huddled together telling each other about their latest news..
The kids running around since they are all FULL OF SUGAR..
Seeing family members that you just haven't seen in quite awhile since some of us live so far away..
These are the times you just can't take for granted..

Now for the menu I would like to have something different this year but not quite sure what as of yet..
However will be having the usual turkey & ham mash potatoes with gravy of course ,stuffing ,my mom's famous sweet potatoes..
Which my oldest niece would absoulutly die if we didn't have meme's sweet potatoes.
Cheesy broccoli casserole and fancy green beans glazed carrots and rolls..
Everyone brings a dish or two which is really nice but I wanted to threw in a few more interesting sides just not quite sure what any ideas?
For desserts which we all love..
Was thinking I would make a carrot cake but the award winning cream puffs is everyone's favorite...
June's scrumptous cream puffs that everyone fights over.. As she comes everyone can't wait till she puts the cream puffs down then its like a football game and everyone is after the ball but in this case the ball is the creampuff..
Its all in good fun we all have such a laugh over it... Good times Good times..
Can't wait... So I better hop of this puter and get busy...
So if you get a moment just drop me a line or two to give me your favorite recipe...

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  1. Hi Sweetie...
    I am your newest follower. I am so excited to be popping in to say hello. I am Sherry of Country Wings in Phoenix. I am coming to Maryland for the tea on April 17th. Marydon @ Blushing Rose shared the list of possible attendees with me. I was tickled when I popped over here and saw your beautiful blog. Your wonderful family values and you were from Texas, I am from Okla. and now I live in Phoenix, AZ. Ofcourse all of my family lives in Okla.

    Sounds like you all are going to be having a wonderful dinner. Yummy the recipes sound so wonderful. Cream puffs too? Sweet potatoes too? Oooh can I come? Sounds just like home.

    I would so love to have you come to the tea/luncheon. We are going to have a beautiful time together. You could come and stay for as long as you want ofcourse, and it is giving you all a chance to meet other bloggers in your area. It is so wonderful to meet someone face to face. Please stop by my blog and see my pictures from yesterday. I hosted the tea here in Phoenix, we had 14 present. Two couldn't make it, but we are all ages and shapes and sizes and we just have the best time, talking about our crafts and what we do and what we like to make. Sweetie you would have the best time.

    I adore meeting new friends, and visiting new blogs. Stop by and say hi. I would be so honored if you signed up to follow me as well. I would truly love to meet you though.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry